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Top 5 tips when considering plant hire

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If you’ve never hired machinery from a plant hire company before, this is the perfect quick guide for you. Below you’ll find 5 top tips for things you should consider before you hire with a plant hire company.1. Ensure that you’ll be supported

Proper plant hire company support is vital when you’re hiring machines for a construction job. You should expect full support from the company before, during, and after your contract with them. Should you need any repairs or maintenance for any of the machines that you hire, the company you hire from should be willing either collect and repair the machine, or provide a replacement as soon as possible. Though your machine should be fully functional when it’s delivered to you, accidents happen, and having a breakdown engineer on-call or another machine to replace the broken one could be very time-sensitive.

2. Check availability

Before you decide on a company, you should double-check that the plant hire company you’re interested in hiring machines from has the plant machinery and the equipment that you need to complete a job. It can be difficult and challenging to find a company that offers all of the vehicles you need. If you need other equipment, like a trailer, you should ask if the plant hire company can supply this as well.3. Check delivery times

When it comes to getting your plant hire delivery, be aware that Monday morning deliveries can be extremely popular, so you’ll need to book as far in advance as possible. When giving your delivery address, try to be as helpful as possible in suggesting routes that don’t include narrow access lanes or are close to schools. Delivering plant machinery means that drivers have to be particularly cautious on the road, because the load is quite heavy and their delivery vehicles will be slowed down. Avoiding dangerous roads, and weak bridges is preferable.

4. Check machine quality

When you’re enquiring, ask after the quality of the plant machinery. The machines that you’re hiring should be regularly serviced, and not include faults of any kind when you hire them. Plant hire machines that have scheduled services are less likely to suffer from any kind of breakdown or mechanical failure due to disrepair. It’s not your duty to keep the machines in a good state, they should be delivered to you completely operational, and ready to use on the day that you need them to work.5. Check the age of the machinery

It may be a strange thing to ask after, but checking how old the machinery is that you’re hiring is actually a great step to take. Older machines don’t perform as well as younger ones, and newer machines are efficient and cost-effective. Some plant hire companies only hire out young fleets of machinery for this reason; helping you keep the cost down for your construction job. Machines that are 3 years or younger are a good age range to consider for hiring purposes.